Mathews Tulip Crane

In it's standard configuration the Tulip crane is a two person riding, manually operated, motion picture crane. It has pneumatic wheels with cart type steering. It can accommodate 550lbs on the platform and has a maximum platform height of thirteen feet.

The crane has options of a remote extension which increases it maximum reach to twenty four feet. But the weight capacity drops to 225lbs in this mode.

There is also an option for track type wheels, though the track is wider than the standard 24inch width.

The crane requires a minimum of six strong, relatively tall, people to assemble.

Here is a video of a trial run with a virgin crane crew. This little production was just to get them experience with the crane.

above photo courtesy of Mathew Henry


4 To the left the crane is set up in the atrium area of the ParkCenter Mall in Boise.


Right, the crane is setup in the bleachers at Hawks baseball stadium in Boise, with a Panavision Panastar camera package mounted on top. 1


With great appreciation, this crane is on loan from Virginia Media Group and Roman Alexander Productions, for whom owyheesound is in great gratitude to for the gracious offering.