DeVry 35mm XD2000

dual system mechanical interlock projector

1This projector's head (the main work part) was used in many theaters all over the united states for theatrical presentation. But this particular projector was specially modified by the Kodak company to be portable so directors and cinematographers use it to view daily prints while on location shoots.

To facilitate this it also has a mechanical interlocked audio mag track playback system.  This means that the sound that was recorded on set could be syncronized and played back with the daily prints.

The projector is rough cosmetically but runs well.  It has a 1000W tungsten lamp house so it can be plugged inot most any common outlet.  It features a xenon filter for color gauging depending on what color balance the film is processed to.

The projector is pictured in these three photos with a somewhat unique Bell and Howell Cinemascope projection lens.